New Song o’ Mine: Quick & Dirty YouTube Video

These pages haven't filled up so fast in a LONG time

I finished writing this song about 26 hours after starting it, which I haven’t done in since like 2005.  After the feelings of shock and exultation for converting emo feelings into song-form so efficiently wore off, I was suddenly at a loss.

Normally I would now play this song for my girlfriend and she would tell me which parts were stupid, but she’s working in Vermont for most of the summer.

Then, normally, I would play it for my bandmates and workshop it with them for a while and wait until we had time to start arranging it for the band (if there was enough common interest in it). The quieter numbers were a harder sell, and tended to only make appearances at acoustic shows,   but in any case no bandmates here is Seattle yet.

Then, normally, I would rehearse and rethink it over and over and most people would never hear it until the band played it – if the band played it – because I would rarely make time for open mics between work, rehearsal, and other things going on.

But now I’ve got this blog that’s all about process and transition.  And I’ve got a webcam on my computer.  And I’ve got the internet.  So here we go… 15 minutes or so after finishing this song I recorded it for YouTube: documenting the process, letting barely finished rough drafts out into the world.  I’ll also debut it live to whatever open mic I end up at tomorrow night, though it will have to wait for Victory Music debut as I am collaborating with Richard, an amazing fiddle player, on “Up to You” this week.

Anyhow, here it is:

New song:  “Partner in Crime”

Comments and constructive criticism from songwriters out there is encouraged.  As I said, I’m used to having other songwriters and bandmates to workshop these with, and I miss that.  The things I already know need some work are some of the more vague filler words, tuning on the whistle solo (hey, it was my first time!), and melody at the very end on the alternate chorus.

So there you have it.  Process.


  1. ooooo! I like it! And I like that you posted it so early. I definitely hear a lot of back-up for this one- drums, horns, a band called Cobalt. Come back to Chicago! 🙂 Just kidding. I know you’re where you should be.

  2. Fun to see the unvarnished first takes buddy. I like the whistling in the break a lot. If that got a little more complex it might be fun to tease it earlier in the song. Either way congrats on writing a new Jam always cause for a celebratory blog post/ beer.

    • hey thanks man! Good call on the “teaser” element. I’ve been working on the intro a bit, trying to make it a little more integrated.