Quick Hits: Lots of Live Music and Good Interviews Coming

One reason for my radio silence here as of late – I’ve seen the following bands live since my last post:

The Hold Steady, Ha Ha Tonka, The Avett Brothers, Hey Marseilles, Yeasayer, Atmosphere, The Drowning Men, !!!, Fruit Bats, The Young Evils, The Maldives, Blitzen Trapper, Beach Fossils, The Dead Weather, Blue Scholars, and more.

OK so a lot of those were in one weekend at the Capitol Hill Block Party – but then I went back to Chicago/Detroit/Milwaukee for a while to see a bunch of people, Tom’s awesome wedding, and do the first-time-back-to-hometown-since-moving-far-away thing.

Also managed to finish another new song, go to a bunch of jam sessions, play a lot of banjo and harmonica, start laying down some basic recordings of the new stuff, meet some more awesome new people and with their help get totally obsessed with some new music (see “Mumford & Sons” video below).

But fear not, there is some great stuff coming down the MidByNorthwest pike, including one of my favorite interviews thus far with Coyote Grace, an interesting recorded conversation with San Francisco’s Shareef Ali (of Shareef Ali & the Radical Folksonomy), and some other fun stuff.

So stay tuned for all that.  For now, I leave you with the most listened song on my iPod in quite some time: