Interview: Jackpot Donnie


These are the stickers that I saw in every Chicago music venue – usually the men’s bathroom – and it seemed an eternal question until I finally met these guys.  Then the answer was clear: Jackpot Donnie is a bunch of awesome guys, playing music they love for anyone willing to listen and dance it up.  They have a big show at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall coming up this weekend, so I finally had a deadline to post this interview with them from a few weeks ago.  It was a great interview, but it was not a completely sober one.  Enjoy!

MH: “What is the origin of Jackpot Donnie?”

[audio:|titles=Jackpot Donnie Interview: Origins]

On the Chicago music scene and the “Suburbs to City to Suburbs” model:

[audio:|titles=Jackpot Donnie Interview: Chicago scenes]

On music community and the Chicago Roots Collective:

[audio:|titles=Jackpot Donnie Interview: Community and the CRC]

MH: “What are some inhibitors to true community around music?”

[audio:|titles=Jackpot Donnie Interview: Inhibitors to music community]

MH: “What advice would you give someone moving to a new city to do music?”

[audio:|titles=Jackpot Donnie Interview: Advice]

Bloopers and Outtakes – these guys are hilarious….

[audio:|titles=Jackpot Donnie Interview: Bloopers]

Be sure to check the JPD guys out, as well as past MidByNorthwest interviewees Molehill at the 4th Chicago Roots Collective showcase this weekend:

Chicago Roots Collective Showcase IV
Sunday, June 20
@ Lincoln Hall – 2424 N Lincoln Ave.
7pm, $7
Featuring Jackpot Donnie, Molehill, The Gentlemen’s Club, Soul Vendor, and Jimmy Zangrilli