Interview: Coyote Grace

I’ve already done plenty of raving about the Rootsy-Americana-goodness being made by Coyote Grace.  They’re really, really good – and really, really, cool people. I got to experience the latter in an interview before their 2-night stint at Seattle’s ultra-intimate Empty Sea Studios back in May.  Ingrid and Joe (accompanied by longtime collaborator/producer Michael Connolly) were insightful and funny as they talked about touring, community building on the road, and opening for their heroes.  This one is a must-listen, especially for fellow musicians.  As per usual, here are a couple of my favorite text excerpts followed by the interview in short mp3 clips.  Enjoy!

“It’s been so cool to meet people who are really pounding the pavement like we are and playing essentially the same venues, kind of all doing circles around the whole country chasing each other. It’s so neat to catch up and be like ‘Oh, have you played this one room?’ ‘Yeah that guys a total jerk.’ Or like ‘Yeah, the burgers there are so good.’  To be able to have that – nobody else knows [what that’s] like . . . You have that common knowledge and experience.” – Ingrid Elizabeth, Coyote Grace

“[Opening for larger acts like the Indigo Girls] has been super cool.  For me, I watch what they do: See how they run their soundchecks.  What pedals they’re using?  Who’s dealing with the money?  That person has a clipboard every night – what’s that on the clipboard?  . . . I feel like I’m in school and trying to soak up as much as I can.” – Joe Stevens, Coyote Grace

MH:  “By what road did you come to Seattle and how did Coyote Grace begin?”

[audio:|titles=Coyote Grace Interview: Origins]

On Seattle (briefly) and becoming a touring “road band” very, very quickly:

[audio:|titles=Coyote Grace Interview: Getting on the Road]

MH:  “What are your thoughts on local music scenes?”

[audio:|titles=Coyote Grace Interview: Local Scenes]

On building community while constantly touring:

[audio:|titles=Coyote Grace Interview: Road Communities]

MH:  “In your experience, what are some common inhibitors to true community around music?”

[audio:|titles=Coyote Grace Interview: Inhibitors to Community]

MH:  “How has your understanding of community around your music changed over time as you have had more success?”

[audio:|titles=Coyote Grace Interview: Changes in Community]

On touring as an opener for larger acts like the Indigo Girls, Melissa Ferrick, and Girlyman:

[audio:|titles=Coyote Grace Interview: Touring as Opener]

MH:  “What advice would you give to someone who is moving to a new place to do music?”

[audio:|titles=Coyote Grace Interview: Advice]

Listen to “Runaround” and “Guy Named Joe” on the Mid By Northwest Radio – along with music from all the other folks I’ve featured on the blog.

Coyote Grace will be back on tour supporting the Indigo Girls this fall – dates forthcoming.  You can hear more from them at and connect with them on Facebook. I highly recommend signing up for the email newsletter, no only for updates but for their great music recommendations!


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