It’s CD Release Season! 3 Reviews Coming

Everyone and their Mom is releasing a new album right now!  Okay, maybe not everyone’s Mom, but a lot of people – especially my peeps in Chicago.  That means 3 new CD reviews coming at you in the next couple weeks:

Matt Ryd
Looking For Home
CD Release show TOMORROW (9/10/10)
at Schuba’s with Mike Mentzer and Little Light.

The Shams Band
CD Release show September 18 at Fitzgerald’s

Diana & the Dishes
Take a Picture
CD was released at Martyrs’ in August


  1. Um, my mom just releeesed a suuuuper sic trip-hop/jungle beats funk remix album of 70’s disco tunes…..i’d really like you to review it please.
    She’s gonna be the next Fergie but with a more “updated” feel- like that Tic Toc girl!

    Woooooooo! Woooooooo!