My All-Chicago Mix, vol. 1

Convergence. Sometime earlier this year I started creating a couple fun new iTunes playlists: “Music By People I Know” and “Chicago Music.” Upon moving to Seattle I stayed with my friend Phil who is famous in his social circles for his mix CDs (he calls them “comps”). The mix playlist below, which I made for Phil back in June, is a direct result of these two events. In the spirit of Thanksgiving and feeling very thankful for the community of great musicians I’m connected to in both Chicago and now Seattle, I thought it would be a fun thing to share.

1.  I Fight Dragons – “Heads Up, Hearts Down”
2   AM Taxi – “Charissa”
3. Company of Thieves – “In Passing”
4. Mike Mangione & the Union – “Somewhere Between”
5. Joe Pug – “Nation of Heat”
6. Catfish Haven – “Are You Ready”
7. Ezra Furman and the Harpoons – “Take Off Your Sunglasses”
8. Todd Kessler – “Tomorrow”
9. Perkasie – “Barstowe Station”
10. Rachele Eve – “Harold Moon”
11. Emily Claire Palmer – “Strange Girl”
12. The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir – “Aspidistra”
13. Canasta – “I Don’t Know Where I Was Going…”
14. Cameron McGill & What Army – “Low Ways”
15. The Shams Band – “The Des Plaines River”
16. Rebecca Rego – “They Listen At Our Doors”
17. The Lava Brothers – “Stuck”
18. Goodbyehome – “The Groomsmen”
19. Calvin Marty and the Sunken Ship – “Chance”
20. Al Day – “Sole Survivor”

Making this for Phil was especially fun because we’ve always gone through, track by track, any mix he gave me or I gave him, but this time I had stories and anecdotes for each and every selection! Like, “Rebecca Rego was one of the first musicians I met after moving back to Chicago after college,” and “I met Cameron McGill when we were accidentally playing an all-Chicago-bands set at The Basement in Nashville,” and “Perkasie shouldn’t actually be on this list since they aren’t from Chicago, but they’re the best band we randomly played with on tour in Des Moines, IA and I can’t NOT put this song on.” Good times, good times.

A lot of these tracks are already on the Mid By Northwest Pop-Up Radio Player but go ahead and Google the rest to get a taste! If you have any questions leave a comment!


  1. Love this and love you Matty! 🙂

  2. No Cobalt & the Hired Guns? Matt, I’m shocked!

    With that said, despite the omission, it’s a pretty solid list, and I’m happy to have my band in such good company.

    Chicago misses you.

  3. Ha yeah Phil already knew all of Cobalt’s stuff so I didnt put any on!

  4. Matt –
    Geez, I feel like I just got a mention in the State of the Union !
    Good fun, and a reminder to me of the breadth and scope of Music, as practiced and as listened to.
    Thank you for all your efforts that have given me so much. You rock.
    Or, perhaps I should say: You singer-songwriter.